233 - PRAISE to Love

Our prayer series on PRAISE concludes with my favorite topic of all...

232 - PRAISE to War

This is a podcast the enemy DEFINITELY DOES NOT want you to hear! However, WHO CARES what he wants?! Join me today as I share the eternal power and va...View Details

Do you need healing in your body? In your emotions? In your mind? Then go to God in PRAISE! Seriously, folks, it's a God-given remedy that too many ch...View Details

Beloved, do you know ALL that praise to God can do for you? When was the last time you devoted time to Him in heart-felt PRAISE? Well, in Yeshua's Nam...View Details

031 - Bitterness Defiles

Are there offenses in your life you have trouble forgiving? If so, this week's message is for you, because unforgiveness won't stop there. What does t...View Details

As our week of prayer regarding Servitude concludes, I’m asking God to grant us all His blessings of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of what we...View Details

228 - A Servant’s Acts

As our prayer series on Servitude concludes, it's important to focus on the kinds of fruit our acts will generate when our footsteps (the things we do...View Details

227 - A Servant’s Mind

"Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus:..." -- Philippians 2:5

As it pertains to servitude, what is so special about a servant's heart? Join me and my special guest for answers to this question as our prayer serie...View Details

GOOD YOM SHENI to you! We're SO GLAD to be back for a brand new season of Pocket of Prayer! Did you know there's a difference between servitude and se...View Details

ATTENTION LISTENERS: Pocket of Prayer is taking a week off for the July Fourth holiday. God willing, I'll be back July 8 with a fresh season of prayer...View Details

223 - Redeem the Time

"Therefore see that you walk carefully [living life with honor, purpose, and courage; shunning those who tolerate and enable evil], not as the unwise,...View Details

222 - Steward Your Time

What kind of steward are you over your time? Is God ultimately in charge of your schedule, or are you? What does that matter? Tune in to the podcast t...View Details

Do you tithe your TIME to the Lord? Learn more as I pray about this on today's podcast.

Good Monday morning to you! In these last days and end times, time is among the things for which we should be MOST grateful. Pray with me today to fin...View Details

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